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Crawl space solutions

Most homes with crawlspaces don't have adequate protection from the elements they can be subjected to. Not only are they under insulated causing drafts and heat loss but a majority of the time they don't have the proper vapor barrier. This can lead to heavy moisture build up which can lead to a host of problems like rotting joists, bad air quality, dampness,musty smell, mold,etc

The benefits of adding these can impact the environment of your home greatly. Did you know that just by adding the proper insulation to the sill plate, rim joist and the walls of your crawl space can save you 30 % to 70 % on your energy bill. When you hire us to do your crawl space job you get one of the best companies in Michigan to complete it. From inspection to completion you have nothing but pros on your side. From the dirtiest, smallest,wet,spider infested crawlspace filled with trash to the basic ones that just need minimal work, we smile in the face of a challenge. Whether you just need crawlspace insulation and encapsulation or you need drainage mat, pipe, and a sump basin installed we have the means to complete jobs the other guys cant or won't. Make your home warmer and dry this year and turn that space into a clean usable environment you can enjoy. Make the choice to have the best company get it done right for you. We look forward to serving you with the quality you deserve. 

crawl space michigan

Debris Removal/ Clean Out/ Level

Install 2 Inch EPS Foam Board along the walls

Black mat Installation

Encapsulation Installation

Spray Foaming the rim joist and sill plate  

Taping all the seams 

Crawlspace Finished and Encapsulated 

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