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Wet Basement? Keep moisture out!

Here in Michigan it's very common to have a wet leaky basement. Above and Beyond Professional Services of Michigan can give you a few simple pointers before having your wet basement waterproofed.

1: Checking your down spouts and gutters- This is a common problem for a wet basement, always make sure water is flowing away from your foundation. Gutter extensions work great and are affordable for flowing water away from your foundation. Check to see if your gutters are clogged and clean them regularly so they don't retain water because improper run off and clogged gutters can sag and pool water onto the foundation.

2: Snow around your foundation and window wells- Here in Michigan snow is also a big factor when it melts around your foundation that causes water to flow into your basement. When shoveling your sidewalks and driveways try and remember to shovel around the foundation and basement windows of your house to prevent a wet basement.

3: Basement wall cracks or foundation cracks- Water finds it's way through cracks in your foundation and onto floors due to hydro-static pressure that can cause a wet basement. You can call the experts for this or you can try to patch it yourself using a sealant. If cracks are to severe it's best to call the experts.

4: Basement windows- Check the seals around your basement windows, look for any signs of rotting wood, gaps,cracks, etc if their is check into replacing the entire window. This will not only be cosmetically beneficial but will help greatly with energy savings.

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