Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps. What are they??

What do they do?

What H/P do i need?

What causes them to fail????

Do I need a battery back up?

Do I need to do maintenance on them????


Don't stress count to 10 slooowwwllyyyy....... and take some deep breaths.

We're here to teach you some basic tips from the pros to avoid those high service charges or a flooded basement leading to even more costly repairs and money you shouldn't have to spend.

Sump pumps are a awesome invention, without them we would be under water, literally.

So whats the run down about sump pumps? simply put, sump pumps are the heart of a basement or crawl space. They extract water by various reasons; high water table, heavy rain,springs, etc are some major culprits.


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