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Our clients choose to have Poly Wall installed for a number of reasons and  also many benefits for your basement.

Not only is it a great basement waterproofing membrane but it saves from ever having to paint your walls again or look at unattractive blocks.

This saves you money and lots of time framing, cleaning and prepping your walls and painting only to have it peel and blister later on.

Most people don't realize when you get into painting any type of concrete that you need good paint and prepping is key because it's so pourus. 

This can be expensive and time consuming . Poly wall makes your basement bright and easy to clean and doesn't hold in moisture and odor like drywall.

We install Poly Wall when there are no signs of water seepage or in conjunction with a basement waterproofing system.

When this is installed with a basement waterproofing system it also has maximum protection from leaks.

Lots of clients also choose to have this done before they finish the basement and start putting up studs and drywall so the materials are protected from any moisture. 

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